To digitalise the  value-chain from mine to port, DINAMINE will focus on the following objectives:

  • Objective 1
    Develop and demonstrate in operating conditions a smart database for real-time integration of various types of information such as geological and geophysical data, mineral resources, geomechanics, mineral processing data, tailing and environmental data. The data system will be utilised in combination with the economical and practical factors for holistic mine planning, monitoring, and managing.
  • Objective 2
    Deploy and test a machine vision-based technology for improving rock engineering-related activities such as rock mass mapping, optimising rock blasting, and suggesting relevant stabilising measures. This will be achieved by incorporating the technology in semi-autonomous mining equipment.
  • Objective 3
    Demonstrate and quantify the actual sustainability, circularity and GHG emissions benefits of the DINAMINE approach by assessing and addressing the environmental, societal and resource impacts of mining activities.