The project is brought forward by a multi-disciplinary consortium comprised of mining businesses and geology experts, environmental scientists, data scientists and analysts, IoT and integrated digital solutions experts, all crucial competences to make mining operations both more digital and greener.

  • Geologists and mining engineers will work hand-in-hand to characterize underground and open pit mines. Our equipment specialist will collaborate with them to retrieve data while drilling for further characterization and will work on automating operations to enhance safety and efficiency.
  • The extracted rock will be characterized before and during processing, handled by our mining operators, chemical characterization experts and digital solution developers , to retrieve crucial data from the processing plant for further optimization.
  • Waste and tailings will be monitored, and mitigation solutions developed by our environmental science specialists.
  • The project team will also collaborate with IoT and sensors solution specialists to allow this knowledge to be collected and transferred to a common repository data centre, to be further analysed based on mathematical models and algorithms developed by our data scientists and mining engineers.
  • LCA and impact assessment specialists will evaluate environmental impacts,
  • Last, but not least, a well-designed dissemination and exploitation strategy will realize maximum impact on the mining sector and society at large.