The project

Raw materials are of strategic importance for the European economy in key value chains such as the green energy transition, where Europe should strengthen its resilience, independence, and competitiveness. However, European mining operations do not meet the demand today, due to low productivity, unsustainable waste management, resource-intensity and the consequent environmental impacts. To meet the ever-increasing demand for raw materials and reduce negative market prospects, while mitigating the environmental and societal impacts, the mining industry needs a drastic transformation.

In this context, DINAMINE aims to demonstrate a holistic mine management approach, based on

  • smart data analytics tools for real-time mine-to-port monitoring of the risks, performance, environmental footprint, maintenance needs, productivity and recovery rates,
  • machine automation and robotization strategies to enhance safety and productivity,
  • on-site studies to identify best practices for carbon neutral logistics/transportation, more energy-efficient processing, and waste/tailings handling and valorization.

The project further aims to develop tools that enable a more selective and more sustainable mining industry, with a specific focus on European SMEs. Technologies developed will be upscaled and tested, and studies performed in two small-medium scale European mining operations: one open-pit feldspar mine (Portugal), and one underground graphite mine (Norway) and their associated processing plants.