• 10 May 2023


The PNO Group (aka PNO Consultants), established in 1984, is a European group, made up of a pool of more than 400 professionals across 9 Member States. Every year, PNO supports more than 3.000 clients in their R&D processes, realizing original data-driven and expert-driven analysis and creating over 300 cutting-edge R&D projects – changing the world for the better. PNO has drafted and successfully executed dissemination and exploitation plans for a great number of European projects in various sectors. In this project, PNO is represented by CIAOTECH S.r.l., the Italian branch of PNO Consultants, specializing in R&D Advisory, Innovation Management and funding procurement, providing consultancy services to private and public organizations.

Role in the project: CIAOTECH is the leader of Work Package 7, Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation of Results, to support the identification and implementation of tailored strategies capable of raising and maximizing stakeholders’ awareness (including industry, academia, general public…), to disseminate and communicate information about the project, and to optimise the go-to-market potential of the KERs, while setting up and maintaining an effective and ambitious Exploitation Plan and IPR Management.