• 10 May 2023


FELMICA S.A. (Portugal) is a mining company belonging to the Mota© Ceramic Solutions Group and was founded in 1967. FELMICA is a company with vast experience in the extraction and processing of raw materials for the ceramic industry. FELMICA is dedicated to mining activities and currently holds exploration licences on more than 30 mining concessions of quartz, feldspar and lithium (granitic pegmatites, mineralized in spodumene, petalite, lepidolite and Li-phosphates) located on the five main pegmatite fields in Portugal. FELMICA produces ceramic feldspar and numerous raw material products for special markets such as abrasives, welding electrodes, container glass, landscaping and gardening, and heavy ceramics. FELMICA also produces high grade silica and mica products. The abundance and diversity of the quartz-feldspar deposits and the versatility of the Mangualde-based transformation plant allows for the preparation of feldspathic compositions with physicochemical characteristics suitable for the most varied and demanding industrial conditions.

Role in the project: FEL’s role is to advise the consortium in the development of technologies to make sure they match with the reality of the needs of the mining industrials, and therefore ensure the impact of the project results.