• 11 July 2024

The GREENPEG Project video

The EU H2020 GREENPEG project is developing and testing advanced exploration technologies and algorithms, transforming them into flexible, ready-to-use toolsets for identifying buried pegmatite ores.

These innovations will boost European rawmaterial resources, enrich raw material databases, and enhance the competitiveness of EU companies.

The results achieved within the project were presented on March 19th, in the frame of the EU H2020 GREENPEG project workshop, where we had the pleasure to participate to highlight how DINAMINE aims to radically transform and modernize the mining operation value chain.

Our colleagues Sean E. Salazar and Mahdi S. from NGI – Norwegian Geotechnical Institute – the coordinator team – presented DINAMINE, highlighting the innovative processes and technologies the project will bring to the mining industry.

Missed the event?
No worries! Check out the video capturing all the workshop highlights!